JRCapture .NET dll
insert screen capture functions with a couple of line of code.
The controllib is designed for use with all .net IDE's.

JRCapture ActiveX dll is using the VB6 runtimes. The activeX dll is designed for use with Visual Studio 5/6, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Access, PowerBuilder and so on.

For easy use both Controls have the same properties and functions.
For a sourcecode license please send us a e-mail.


Download the Controls

Both controls have the same properties and functions.

The zip file contains the following:
  • JRCaptureNet.dll (build with Framework 2.0 to 4.5 )
  • Demoprojects C# and VB (VS2008..VS2017) for the .net control
  • JRCapture.dll (build with VB6 )
  • Demoproject VB6 for the ActiveX Control

Operating System:
Win10, Win8, Win7 (32 und 64 bit) / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT / ME / Windows 95 / 98
VS2005..VS2017, VS5/6, MS-Word , MS-Excel, MS-Access, PowerBuilder etc.



Order a developer licence

the license is valid for both, the .net dll and ActiveX control.
There are no hidden costs for you or the users of your software. If you have a developer license, you can ship the control for free.
All minor updates are free.

The demo has the following limitations.

sometimes is popup a message


  • Capture desktop.
  • Capture active window.
  • Capture area.
  • Capture clientarea.
  • Capture delayed.
  • Capture with or without Mousepointer.
  • Capture with or without sound.


  • Desktop region.
  • Window region.
  • In use of the Handle (hwnd).
  • Region in use of Handle.
  • Both controls are signed.
  • Demo projects in VB2005 and VB6 included