JR-Stegano Activex



  With CD1

    .InitDir = App.Path

    .FileName = "" 'Clear the filename

    .CancelError = True 'Gives an error if cancel is pressed

    .DialogTitle = "Add File"

    .Filter = "All Files (*.*)|*.*"

    On Error Resume Next

    .Action = 1

  End With

  If Err <> 0 Then Exit Sub

  myfile$ = CD1.FileName

  xlen = FileLen(myfile$)

'can we store the datas in the current picture?

  If JRStegano1.CanAddData(xlen) = False Then

    'Autoresize activ?

    If Check3.Value = 1 Then

    'get the picture size to store the data

    JRStegano1.CalculateNewSize xlen, Mynewwidth, Mynewheight

    'adjust the picture to the new size

    If JRStegano1.ResizePicture(Mynewwidth, Mynewheight, True) = False Then

      MsgBox "The picture cant be resized", vbOKOnly, "Datas not stored"

      Exit Function

    End If


      MsgBox "Datas to long for current picture"

      Exit Function

    End If

  End If


  'Store the datas to the picture

  JRStegano1.AddFile myfile$