JR-Stegano Activex



Private Sub JRStegano1_ScanRequest(ScanedType As Projekt1.Scanreq, UserDataSize As Long,             ScanCol As Long, ScanRrow As Long, CancelReading As Boolean)

            Static filenamex$

            Select Case ScanedType

            Case TextDatas

              List1.AddItem JRStegano1.GetText(UserDataSize)

            Case ByteDatas

              Dim xdatax() As Byte

              JRStegano1.GetData xdatax, UserDataSize

              List1.AddItem StrConv(xdatax, vbUnicode)

            Case FileName

              ' file name next data block must be then FileDatas.

              filenamex$ = JRStegano1.GetFilename(UserDataSize)

              List1.AddItem filenamex$

            Case FileDatas

              'file data

              Dim xdata() As Byte

              If createfiles <> False Then

                    'copy file to ..

                JRStegano1.GetFile Trim$(Text2(1).Text) + filenamex$, UserDataSize


                  ' skipping the data.

                JRStegano1.AddReadPointer UserDataSize

              End If

              List1.AddItem Str$(UserDataSize) + "Byte von" + filenamex$

            Case ScanComplete

                  ' no further data in this object

                  ' behind the last valid reading position data added if.              


                  ' one calls. If this instruction is omitted, then a read access does not influence               'the print pointer.

            Case NoDatas

                  ' no data in this object, which can be read with the set password.

                  MsgBox "No Data"

              Case ScanCanceled

                    ' Scannnen was aborted with CancelReading.

            End Select

End Sub