JR-Stegano Activex


License information indicates

'if you a developer license acquired, can you directly enter the serial number and reg-code. 'Their users need then no user license.

'if you (the developer) a user license acquired only

'Their users need then a user license.  

'in this demo the user can request and enter its own serial number and reg-code.

jrsteganosernum = GetSetting(app.name, "Start", "Serialnumber", 0)

jrsteganoregcode = GetSetting(app.name, "Start", "Regnumber", 0)

JRStegano1.SerialNumber = jrsteganosernum

JRStegano1.RegCode = jrsteganoregcode

License information tests

' asks starting from whether and which license is available

' was the serial number and reg-code correctly?

xright = JRStegano1.GetUserRight

Select Case xright

Case 1

  mycap$ = mycap$ + " (User license)"

Case 2

  mycap$ = mycap$ + " (Developer license)"

Case Else

  mycap$ = mycap$ + " (Lincense not found)"

End Select

Caption = mycap$