JR-Stegano Activex



Private Sub JRStegano1_ScanRequest(ScanedType As Projekt1.Scanreq, UserDataSize As Long, ScanCol As Long, ScanRrow As Long, CancelReading As Boolean)

Static filenamex$

Select Case ScanedType

Case TextDatas

  List1.AddItem JRStegano1.GetText(UserDataSize)

Case ByteDatas

  Dim xdatax() As Byte

  JRStegano1.GetData xdatax, UserDataSize

  List1.AddItem StrConv(xdatax, vbUnicode)

Case FileName

  'file name next data block must be then FileDatas.

  filenamex$ = JRStegano1.GetFilename(UserDataSize)

  List1.AddItem filenamex$

Case FileDatas


  Dim xdata() As Byte

  If createfiles <> False Then

    'copy file to ..

    JRStegano1.GetFile Trim$(Text2(1).Text) + filenamex$, UserDataSize


    'skip datas

    JRStegano1.AddReadPointer UserDataSize

  End If

  List1.AddItem Str$(UserDataSize) + "Byte von" + filenamex$

Case ScanComplete

  ' no further data in this object

    ' behind the last valid reading position data added if.


    ' one calls. If this instruction is omitted, then a read access does not influence the print pointer.

Case NoDatas

  ' no data in this object, which can be read with the set password.

    MsgBox "No data"

Case ScanCanceled

  'Scan was aborted with CancelReading.


End Select

End Sub