JR Stegano operates according to the LSB principle and can store very large quantities of data in a picture, without the quality suffers from it. JR Stegano uses a picture as it were a file system. Several texts or files in a picture can be hidden.

In the program directory of JR Stegano you will find a picture named "test.png". If you have loaded this with JR Stegano, directly the contained information are displayed. The picture file has a size of 140KB. JR Stegano can build a File-System of 100KB! in this Picture. This is only possible, because JR Stegano can generate 3 bit from each pixel. In the case in a picture of 640x480 pixel results a JR Stegano file system of 102.000Byte (102KB) in the case in a picture of 1280x1280 pixel arises a JR Stegano file system of 546.000Byte (546KB) . The more largely the picture in pixels thus is, the more data can stored in this. By the quite high compression of png pictures can be stored under favorable circumstances more data, than the picture filesize is.

JR Stegano can load and store pictures into the BMP and PNG format.
For data exchange in the InterNet the in any case png format is to be preferred.