JR-Stegano Activex

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LoadPictureFromFile(ByVal New_Picfile As String) As Boolean

            Loads a picture from a file to the control

            ico_syntax Syntax:

                        JRStegano1.LoadPictureFromFile myfile$

            ico_einstellungen Return Value:

                        True if the picture was loaded

The following file-types are supported:

(Save will done only as .bmp or .png File)



Windows or OS/2 Bitmap


Dr.Halo bitmap


Windows Icon


Interchanged File Format


Joint Photographic Experts Group (JFIF Compliant)


Joint Bi-level Image experts Group


JPEG Network Graphics.


Multiple Network Graphics


Portable Network Graphics


Portable Bitmap


Multiple Network Graphics


Zsoft Paintbrush


Kodak PhotoCD


Adobe Photoshop Document


Sun Raster File


Tag Image File Format


Tagged Image File Format