Read Data: Load picture; Copy List items to clipboard, Save files to temporary folder,


the following rules are about the VB6 and the VB.net demo files. This will help you to work with JRStegano Control.
We sell the compiled exe of the Demo as JR-Stegano-Application.
You can use all the code for free. If you wish to build the same application, no problem, but please build your own GUI for them.

Load picture
First any picture must be loaded over the menu option.

On the basis of the selected options Decode / Encode and password. JR Stegano searches the picture for stored datas.


If data should be found, then JR Stegano displays this in the list "reading".

Ansicht lesene

Additionally the size of the picture file, the size for datas, and the size current used are displayed.


Copy data to clipboard
Over the menu option "processing -copy" complete contents of the list "reading" will be copies to the clipboard. In the picture stored texts can so be transferred to each application.

Save files to temporary folder
JR Stegano displays the contained texts, file names and file sizes in the list "reading".

If the contained files are to be copied in the indicated target directory, then the option "copy files" must to be selected.
While load the picture, or with each start of reading, the files in the picture are copied. Operate the switching surface ".." opens the Explorer with the supplied files.