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.. is a program for hiding datas, text and files in pictures. Since a picture for itself is complete inconspicuously. The picture can be sent away e.g. by E-Mail, or be supplied on a page in the Internet. Only the one who knows, that in this picture are stored information, can make visible the datas with JR Stegano.


This technique is called Steganographie and is already very old.

JR Stegano supports additionally cryptography. With activated function all data will
be encoded with a password before they will be hidden in the picture.

An outstanding one that knows, that in the picture are datas, can these finally only select, if he used JR Stegano and have cryptography selected.

For absolutely confidential data a user password can be used for the encoding.

The selection of these data is possible with JR Stegano only if the user password correct is.