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    Version: V5.0
    Developerlicense 98
    Operating system:
    Win8 /
    Win7 / Vista / XP / Win2003 / NT / Win98
    activexb IDE's VS2012, VS2010,
    VS2008, VS2005, VS6, VS5 MS-Access, PowerBuilder etc.
    Englisch, French, Spain, Italian, German, Netherland.
    More than 20 languages for free.








activexb a activexb   Control that allows software developers and web designer to add spell checking capabilities to their applications with a couple of lines of code.
It will work with any development language that allows the user to drop an ActiveX control on the window like VS2012, VS2010, VS6, VS5, MS-Access, PowerBuilder and so on.
The control manages text boxes, text strings, rtfbox and finally the TX Text Control (
You can spell check single words, strings, selected text or a complete Document.

dotnetreadyWorks perfect with C# and VB in VS2012, VS2010 and VS2008.

The control can mark misspelled words and supports spell as you type, auto and popup-correction.

Read more: How do i integrate JRSpell in my application

built in spell check dialogs
for checking complete strings. Supports "Spell as you type", auto and popup-correction

for single words, with suggestions

"Spell as you type" with auto and popup-correction for Textbox, RTF-Box, TXTextcontrol.

choose dictionary dialog

dictionary in any language

integrated dialog for speller settings

All dialogs are in English, German, French, Spain and Italian language.

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    built in spell check dialog box with ignore, change all and add word feature (you can build your own user interface too).
    built in popup context menu with suggestions and options to 'Ignore All' or 'Add' to user dictionary.
    built in choose wordbook dialog.

    autocorrection function with dialog for defining the words.
    spell as you type function.
    built in add words dialog (easy to build new dictionaries)
    dictionaries in many languages. Comes with two English en_us.jsp, en_gb.jsp, and a German de_de.jsp dictionary
    ( more dictionaries).
    supports custom .jsu dictionaries and can use user dictionaries from MS-Word.
    multilingual user interface in 5 languages.
    easy to use MS-Word for spelling with many features like suggestions, anonyms, synonyms .....
    supports ignore words feature.
    can place on Web pages to check the spelling of text entered into forms with Internet Explorer.
    comes with detailed demonstration projects in Vb6,, VS-C++ , VS-C#, HTML, PowerBuilder and MS-Access.
    usable with vb script
    Setup program
    up from V4 JRSpell.ocx is authenticode certified.

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V5.0 (major update)

    New speller settings dialog.
    optimized to use with C# .
    Sample projects for VS2008 C# und VB
    Sample TXTextcontrolV15.NET
    Autocorrection list for every language.
    Multi version installations on the same PC

V4.2 (minor update)

    AutoCorrection with integrated dialog to define the words.
    New functions GetAutoCorrList, SetAutoCorrList, GetAutoCorrPath.
    New properties IgnoreMixedCaseLet, IgnoreWordswithNumbers, IgnoreURL.
    Now tested with the current TXTextcontrol V15.1.

V4.1 (minor update)

    New correction dialog with Spell-As-You-Type and Popup.
    New event AddWordToWordbook and ScollIntoPos.
    New functions PopupWord, GetAlternateShortlist , GetOtherWords, SpellCheckInfo_Misspelledword, SpellCheckInfo_SelektedWord, SpellCheckInfo_SelStartpos, SpellCheckInfo_SelLength, SpellCheckInfo_StartposOffset and WordBookLongNameOf.
    News properties IgnoreUppercaseWords.
    Better support for spelling the Textbox.
    Optimized examples in VB, Access, VB2005 und VB2008.
    New Example for PowerBuilder11
    Now tested with the current TXTextcontrolV15.

V4.0 (major update)

    4 new Dialog languages.
    (UILanguage=French, Spain, Italian, Netherland.) JRSpell.ocx is now Authenticode signed.
    New Functions IgnoreWordList_Reset, MisspelledWordFromMousePos, MisspelledWordFromCharPos, SpellCheckLastInput_GetWord .
    Now tested with the current TXTextcontrolV14.

V3.4 (minor update)

    New popup context menu with suggestions and options to 'Ignore All' or 'Add' to user dictionary. PopupCharPos PopupMousePos.
    New functions to build or expand dictionaries. WordBookLongName, GetDictionaryList, GetCurrentPath, GetPhoneticCode.
    Now tested with the current TXTextcontrolV13.

V3.3 (minor update)

    better support for German language

V3.2 (minor update)

    New Dictionaries:
    Catalan (Spain)
    Galician (Spain)
    Spanish (Mexico)
    Norwegian (Nynorsk)
    Norwegian (Bokmal)
    Portuguese (Portugal)
    Portuguese (Brasil)
    German (up from 2006)
    Swedish (Sweden)
    Danish (Denmark)
    the dictionary dialog shows the dictionaries by the name.
    the dictionary dialog has a new button to add dictionaries to the list.
    much better case sensitive function.
    better spell as you type function in use with the rtf-control
    no more undefined scrolling)
    no more double entries in use of AddWordToWordbook

V3.1 (minor update)

    JRSpell first grammar check is ready now.
    flicker free online spelling.
    more examples in VB and for MS-IE.
    New function ClearAllSelectionsEx to clear all selections in a protected RTF-Box.

V3.0 (major update)

    new function "Change All" in the spell check dialog box.
    words in user dictionary are now listed in the correction dialog.
    more examples for VB und VS-C++.
    better spell suggestions in use of the local dictionary.
    better handling in use of wrong WordBookPath and WordBookName properties with internal message and crash free function.
    no more debugger warnings in use with VS-C++ .

V2.3 (minor update)

    French Dictionary.
    works with Visual Studio .net
    User defined WordBreaks.
    Spelling in use with RTF or TX-Textcontrol is more then 10 times faster as V2.2.

V2.2 (minor update)

    Spain Dictionary.
    Install routine for easy setup on your users machines.

V2.1 (minor update)

    Two new Dictionaries (Italy and Swiss-German).
    Supports now late binding (Com Object). Includes a demo project with late binding.

V2.0 (major update )

    new dictionaries with affix compression and phonetic code
    the JRSpell dictionaries supports now spelling suggestions too.
    English dictionaries with more than 150 000 words German dictionary with more than 350 000 words
    free dictionaries in more than 20 languages (please read the GNU note)
    tested with MS-Word up from Word97 to Word2003

V1.4 (minor update)

    User can add words to the MS-Word-User dictionary.
    Numbers not longer misspelled.
    No limit of the size of spelled text.

V1.3 (minor update)

    new events for the spellchecking dialogs.
    New Help-Manual in HTML-Help format.

V1.2 (minor update)

    comes now with build in spelling dialogs.

V1.1 (minor update)

    No more error message with MS-Word 97

V1.0 (Oktober 2002)

    First edition with complete Help-Manual

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GNU Note:

    The dictionaries of JRSpell are based on word lists of different authors.
    All dictionaries are free to copy and use under the GNU license.

    The new JRSpell dictionaries contains extensions and changes from JRSoftware and be licensed under GNU too.
    You keep the dictionaries free from JRSoftware and you can change the format or expand them again, if you need.
    But don't delete the Copyright in the readme_xx_xx.jsp. For more Information please read the GNU lines in the readme_xx_xx.jsp.

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Copyright and Trademark:

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